"I wish I'd had one of these coming out of Buenos Aires"
Mark Denton, BT Global Challenge 2000/2001 skipper
"I would fit this product to every boat I own"
John Cragg, freelance journalist who has written for Practical Boat Owner and Motor Boats Monthly
"You’ve thought of everything … It does the job"
Engineer on a 55m private luxury charter Super Yacht in the Mediterranean
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Safety is paramount when boating. Yet when we study the large number of incidents that lead to reduced safety and increased danger, we find that a lot of them involve water in fuel contamination.
The Problem
Water In Fuel is still a serious problem in the marine world. Whatever type of craft, it will be susceptible to water in fuel problems through nature resulting in minor inconvenience to serious engine damage.
The Solution
D-TX Systems Ltd has developed a new product to the age old water in fuel problem. The D-TX® Fuel Safe is a filter-less, real-time water in fuel detection and warning unit that is maintenance free and requires no future replacement parts.
The Applications
The D-TX® Fuel Safe is not a filter or separator. It is a real-time fuel monitor that fits in-line and continuously monitors the fuel flow for water contamination. Its applications are universal: Inland waterway or offshore vessels of various type and size.
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