About us  
  D-TX Systems Ltd was founded in 2004.

D-TX Systems’s primary objective is to develop high quality yet simple safety solutions to problems still faced by marine vessels and establish itself as the forerunner specifically in the development of devices to detect and warn of water in liquid fuel. D-TX Systems has developed and is marketing the D-TX® Fuel Safe product range. This is the first product in a line of products planned for the short to long-term. Water-D-Tech is targeting the marine industry with the D-TX® Fuel Safe product range. Future products will target other markets using liquid fuel powered engines.

The key company staff have extensive experience in design, marine engineering, product development and marketing.

Mike P. Folan. Marine engineer with extensive knowledge of the water in fuel problem and its solutions and product design expertise. Jointly, with Paul McCarthy, responsible for the product development cycle from conception to final product delivery.

Avraj Grewal. Extensive experience in international product development, marketing and distribution. Responsible for all commercial aspects and internal business processes.

Paul G. McCarthy. Diesel engineer and farm owner with broad knowledge of water contamination problems. Jointly, with Mike Folan, responsible for the complete product development cycle from conception to final product delivery.

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