The Water In Fuel Problem
  The D-TX® Fuel Safe Solution
  The D-TX® Fuel Safe Applications
  ‘The Water In Fuel Problem’  

Even today water in fuel is an inescapable problem for ALL vessels. Its causes are many, the solutions are inadequate and its effects range from minor inconvenience to major catastrophe. The affect on your private leisure trip, for your charters, commercial voyages or professional races or challenges will depend on your particular circumstances. Just ask yourself how critical it is for you to avoid water in fuel contamination problems on your vessel/s.

  ‘The Water In Fuel Solution’  

D-TX Systems Ltd did not underestimate the problem faced by your vessels and developed a uniquely sensible, simple and effective solution, D-TX® Fuel Safe (Patent no. PCT/EPO3/06706).

  • A filter-less, real-time fuel monitor that automatically alerts when any water in fuel is detected
  • A beautifully designed piece of equipment built to the highest safety standards achieving a unique aesthetic appeal
  • Easy to install, maintain and requires no replacement parts in the future
  The D-TX® Fuel Safe Applications  
  Safety is paramount when boating. Yet when we study the large number of incidents that lead to reduced safety and increased danger, we find that a lot of them involve water contamination of fuel. Most water in fuel comes from either condensation or poor supply but these are not the only reasons. The more complicated systems on super yachts make identification of the cause of water contamination of fuel more difficult.  
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