The Water In Fuel Problem
  The D-TX® Fuel Safe Solution
  The D-TX® Fuel Safe Applications
  The D-TX® Fuel Safe Applications  
  Safety is paramount when boating. Yet when we study the large number of incidents that lead to reduced safety and increased danger, we find that a lot of them involve water contamination of fuel. Most water in fuel comes from either condensation or poor supply but these are not the only reasons. The more complicated systems on super yachts make identification of the cause of water contamination of fuel more difficult.  
  Super Yachts
The engineers on a Mediterranean based 55m super yacht identified a potentially serious problem in their fuel cooling system that was susceptible to water contamination en-route to the engines. The engineers’ proactive approach in seeking a solution to a potentially serious problem led them to our simple but secure solution. We developed a bespoke twin D-TX® Fuel Safe unit to handle their fuel pipe feeds and flow rates. This now commercially available for all Super Yachts.
  Commercial Charter Yacht Fleets
Based on the south coast of England a charter company with five 65ft cruiser yachts active in the winter season in the Caribbean approached us after one of their yachts underwent a major engine repair costing £6000. They wanted to avoid this ever happening again. The yacht even had a pre-fitted alarm that gave no warning of the impending danger – it simply could not handle the fuel flow rates and became totally ineffective.
  Private boat and yacht owners
The original D-TX® Fuel Safe has been pre-fitted on new builds and retro-fitted to several privately owned inland and offshore vessels. This includes narrowboats, motor boats such as a Cygnus 33 Pilot twin engine and Fairline Phantom 43. Also recommended as standard fit to luxury RIBs by several UK RIB dealers. The original unit handles fuel feeds up to 3/8" giving it a very universal application to small to medium sized boats.
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