The Water In Fuel Problem
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    ‘The Water In Fuel Problem’  

Even today water in fuel is an inescapable problem for ALL vessels. Its causes are many, the solutions are inadequate and its effects range from minor inconvenience to major catastrophe. The affect on your private leisure trip, for your charters, commercial voyages or professional races or challenges will depend on your particular circumstances. Just ask yourself how critical it is for you to avoid water in fuel contamination problems on your vessel/s.


• Contaminated or poorly maintained fuel supply outlets
• Condensation in the fuel tank
• Fuel separation
• Poorly maintained deck fittings leading to water ingress
• That old favourite and surprisingly frequent error of inadvertently filling the fuel inlet with water

    Its effects  

The result of water in fuel contamination is engine and fuel system parts damage. The cost can be extensive in terms of money and time. Unfortunately, in particular situations, the results of a breakdown still result in loss of life and vessels.


And the resulting repairs could involve one or more of the following:


• Drainage of the fuel tank and fuel lines
• Drainage of the engine lift pump
• Drainage of intermediate fuel lines
• Replacement of all the filters
• Replacement of a damaged injector pump
• Replacement of any damaged injectors
• Cylinder head needing to be stripped down and replacement of all the gaskets
• Complete engine replacement

    A secondary consequence of water in fuel contamination is the 'Diesel Bug', but the eradication of water will eradicate the fungus causing it. Common sense dictates that good water in fuel contamination monitoring and warning will help in diesel bug prevention.  


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