The Water In Fuel Problem
  The D-TX® Fuel Safe Solution
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  ‘The Water In Fuel Solution’

The D-TX® Fuel Safe is ergonomically designed and manufactured with quality materials to the highest specifications and standards. It provides instant diagnosis of water in fuel, giving assurance and a degree of insurance to boat owners, operators and users alike. No replacement or maintenance parts are required.


The D-TX® Fuel Safe is installed in each feed line, as close to the tank as possible, before the engine, filters and pumps. An audio-visual alarm on the dash warning plate alerts the operator to the presence of water in the fuel. The water can be drained via an incorporated drain plug, avoiding engine bleeding, batteries flattening and vessel disablement.


The D-TX® Fuel Safe complies with British/European Standards BS EN ISO 10088, CE regulations and all aspects of Boat Safety Certification. The unit is made of marine grade 316, 2.5mm stainless steel, manufactured to withstand 22kp of pressure. It comprises a series of internal chambers. The flow rate remains consistent and is not restricted.
Standard unit dimensions H120mm x W160mm x D50mm.
Larger unit dimensions H260mm x W375mm X D100mm (max).


The D-TX® Fuel Safe is developed with the end user in mind. It has an easy drain off to remove any water without having to bleed the whole system. Connection to the water sensor unit from screw terminal block connections is by a 15m (alternative lengths available) 3 core marine grade cable with hard wired plug attached.

  The D-TX® Fuel Safe comes with a dash warning plate made of high spec electronics. The water resistant PCB is unique and designed specifically for ease of installation and for use with low voltage systems (12/24 volts). Voltage selection is made via a simple switch on the back at time of installation. It is protected by a thermal fuse. Supplied with the unit are wire, spade and eyelet connectors, cable ties and screws for connecting the dash plate. Additional plates are easily added for extra stations/locations.  
  The D-TX® Fuel Safe comes with all components required for easy installation. For the standard unit this includes pairs of 10mm (3/8’’), 8mm (5/16’’), 6mm (¼’’) brass fuel pipe fittings, with a common ¼’’ BSP thread for installation to standard size fuel pipes and self-centralizing washers for the fittings. Alternative fitment sizes are available for alternative units.  
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