"I wish I’d had one of these coming out of Buenos Aires"
Mark Denton, BT Global Challenge 2000/2001 skipper.

What happened after Buenos Aires? Water in fuel scuppered Mark’s yachts bid in that leg. As Mark admits, their critical need at a critical time would have been satisfied with the D-TX® Fuel Safe


"If I was buying a new boat I would be fitting this"
John Cragg, freelance journalist who has written for Practical Boat Owner and Motor Boats Monthly

He has it fitted on his Cygnus 33 and had a trouble free summer after some previous harrowing experiences in the Channel. He got peace of mind after fitting the D-TX® Fuel Safe and he will definitely fit it on any future boats if it’s not already pre-fitted at build.


"You’ve thought of everything … It does the job"
Engineer on a 55m private luxury charter Super Yacht in the Mediterranean

This comment should not be taken lightly coming from the engineer on a 55m private super yacht in the mediterranean that provides luxury charter cruises in The Mediterranean. Their ongoing need for real-time fuel system monitoring and problem warning is now handled with the D-TX® Fuel Safe, avoiding potential system failure and damage resulting in expensive downtime and repair costs.


"80% of my repairs were directly due to water in fuel"
Mike Folan, co-founder D-TX Systems Ltd

This is Mike’s experience during his 14 years as a marine engineer. He found that the resulting damage often ran into thousands of pounds. The D-TX® Fuel Safe was developed to provide boat owners with an essential precautionary device that can actually save them money in the long run. Where the advantages to blue ocean sailors are clear - being immobilised in the English Channel has to be a bit hairy - the worth of the D-TX® Fuel Safe for all boaters including inland waterways users is also immense


"A bloody good product"
Manley Hopkinson, Managing Director Boating Partners

Manley’s experience as a marine engineer and BT Global Challenge 2001 skipper makes him well qualified to judge the benefit of the D-TX® Fuel Safe




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